Medical Device

[ENG] Medical Device


HA Filler

Replengen™ Implant S With Lidocaine

This product is biomaterial graft and prosthesis used for temporary improvement of facial wrinkles.
This product is a medical device for export.
Please be aware of precautions and usage.



 Product Name 

 Replengen™ Implant S With Lidocaine




 X-HA: 24mg/mL, Lidocaine HCl: 3mg/mL

 Needle Size



 1 Syringe, 1 Needle, 1 Cannula


 12~18 Month

 Injection Area 

 Depressed areas

 Injection Depth

 Deep subcutaneous


 2 ~ 25 °C

 Expiration date

 24 months from the date of manufacture



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